Vin Diesel accused of sexual battery

Image Source : Reuters

Fast and Furious” star Vin Diesel has been accused of sexual battery by his former assistant, alleging that Diesel forced himself onto her in a hotel suite in Atlanta. Ms. Jonasson is suing Ms. Diesel and his company for creating a very hostile work environment, negligent supervision, wrongful termination and among her other claims.

According to the lawsuit, she was fired hours later by his sister Samantha Vincent, who is also the president of his One Race Productions. The lawsuit stated that Ms. Jonasson felt like she was a “piece of trash” and her self esteem was “demolished”.

“Let me be very clear, Vin Diesel categorically denies this claim in its entirety,” attorney Bryan Freedman said in a statement reported by the trade outlet Variety. “This is the first he has ever heard about this more than 13-year-old claim made by a purportedly 9-day employee. There is clear evidence which completely refutes these outlandish allegations,” he added.

“Ms. Jonasson’s lawsuit seeks to hold Vin Diesel accountable for his sexual assaults and her former employer accountable for its unlawful termination of her employment and cover up of the sexual assaults. No one should be forced to endure sexual assault or lose their job for resisting sexual assault. No one is too famous or powerful to evade justice,” Jonasson’s attorney, Claire-LiseKutlay said. “We hope Ms. Jonasson’s courageous decision to come forward helps create lasting change and empowers other survivors.”